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  1. 1. Install Appollo on your device

    Appollo can easily be installed with pip.

    $ pip install appollo

  2. 2. Create your Appollo account

    You can sign up using the command appollo signup.

    $ appollo signup

  3. 3. Start building !

    Once this is done you can either start a build machine in configuration mode : to configure XCode or test your app in the iOS simulator.

    $ appollo build start --build-type configuration

Features you love, available out of the box

  • App store icon

    Publish your App on the App store

    Publishing your Flutter iOS app has never been easier with appollo. Make sure your app is created on the app store connect then simply create your build using the publication type and you are done. One of the many advantages of using Appollo is that you can use these types of builds to test your app on Testflight.

  • XCode icon

    Configure XCode using our Mac VMs

    Using a remote desktop application, you can access one of our many Mac virtual machines to configure XCode for your application. You can even test your app with any Simulator size you need. Our Mac VMs are preconfigured with everything you need to setup, test and polish your brand new app.

  • Ipa file icon

    Create your IPA file

    With Appollo, you can create your IPA file. They are useful if you want to test your app on an Apple device. An IPA file contains an iOS app. It is a file that can be installed on iOS devices and used as an application. It is comparable to an Android APK.

  • Apple developer icon

    Link Appollo to your Apple Developer Account

    Streamline your publication process by linking your Apple developer account to Appollo. By doing so, you will be able to retrieve and manage your App IDs. From the creation of your App IDs to the publication of your application, Appollo is the must-have tool for you.

They tried Appollo, and they were convinced

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  • iOS icon

    Maxime Meurisse

    Spa Francorchamps

    Appollo is a great productivity tool. It made publishing our app so much easier than we were used to.

  • Windows icon

    Erwan Thebault


    I used to own a PC and a Mac specifically for building iOS apps but with Appollo it made my life such easier. It is such a useful and time saving tool.

  • Stats icon

    Romain Dubois


    We have been using Appollo in our team for quite some time now and it helped us streamline our development process.

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